Our areas

Stockholm city

Our 15 properties in the city centre account for 44% of the total market value. They are found in attractive locations such as Engelbrektsplan, Nybrogatan, Norrmalmstorg and Blasieholmen. Several of the properties have been upgraded to meet today’s demands for functionality and sustainability while preserving their original qualities.


Humlegården owns two properties in this area, Bremen 2 and Bremen 4, with a total rentable area of approximately 60,000 square metres. These are located on Tegeluddsvägen, a stone’s throw from Gärdet metro station. Our properties are strategically well placed for the future, as Gärdet and Värtahamnen comprise one of Stockholm’s most interesting areas under development.


One of Stockholm’s most expansive areas, Hagastaden, is located where Stockholm and Solna meet. When completed in 2030, the area will offer as many as 50,000 workspaces and 6,000 homes. In Hagastaden, Humlegården owns the properties Härden 15 and Härden 16, the latter of which has undergone major development in recent years. The initiative, known as Norra Station, also includes a new pavilion in the adjacent Mitokondrien neighbourhood, where a new restaurant will open in 2023.

Solna Strand/Sundbyberg

In this district, which is one of Greater Stockholm’s largest areas of office space, Humlegården owns eleven properties totalling approximately 210,000 square metres. The properties represent 28% of the total market value. Excellent transport links, proximity to restaurants and services and good exercise facilities make the area attractive.


In Kungsholmen, Humlegården owns the Dykaren 10 office building and the adjacent hotel in the Dykaren 33 property on Alströmergatan. The popular neighbourhoods offer good transport links and an impressive range of restaurants and services.


Humlegården is the largest private property owner in the Hagalund workplace area in Solna. Just next door is Karolinska University Hospital and the emerging Hagastaden district, with a strong life science cluster, which is also a well-represented industry in Hagalund. The district will undergo extensive development, starting with the establishment of the new metro station, Södra Hagalund.