Our long-term goals

To achieve our vision and create a long-term, sustainable return for our owners, we have formulated six long-term goals. Our recipe for achieving this builds on dedicated employees, the development of attractive working and city environments, and good relationships with loyal customers and responsible partners. The owner directive, vision and business concept prescribe the focus and direction of the business.

Humlegården’s overall goal is to create long-term and sustainable profitability for our owners. Success in this requires efficient processes for the acquisition, management and development of properties. We also need well-functioning collaborations with our customers and other partners, as well as dedication and skills from our employees. Altogether, this enables us to create attractive work and city environments.

Humlegården has formulated six long-term goals that will lead us towards our vision. Ahead of the start of each year, short-term goals are defined to ensure performance in accordance with the company’s long-term value-creation goals.

  • We will deliver the property sector’s best, sustainable return.
  • We will have the sector’s most dedicated employees and the best managers.
  • By achieving climate neutrality we are contributing to a sustainable society.
  • We will create attractive work and city environments, where people and companies want to be and can develop.
  • We will have the best customer offering and be our customers’ first choice when selecting offices.
  • We will be the best customer in our sector and drive developments in cooperation with our partners.