Satisfied customers are the basis of Humlegården’s operations. Contributing to greater job satisfaction and a better living environment is central to our vision. We offer attractive premises situated in prime office areas and are driven by the conviction that good service and innovation in our customer offering are important for customers in turn to be able to conduct successful operations.

A long-term business partner

Our ambition is to be a long-term partner in the development of customers’ business operations. Our customers include both small start-ups and well-known listed companied and government authorities. Humlegården has 470 customers (excluding parking). Our ten largest tenants account for 35% of the contracted rent on 30 june 2024, and the average remaining lease period is 4.1 years.

As one of the largest companies in the Stockholm market, Humlegården can offer customers a broad spectrum of premises with a variety of sizes, locations and rental levels – Having a wide selection of premises means that many customers choose to relocate within our property portfolio when their premises needs change.